Krøllet sølv, brocher og pin i sølv | Fie Bodenhoff | Guldsmed København


Krøllet broche i sølv | Fie Bodenhoff | Guldsmed København

Featured i “Cast – art and objects” Schiffer publishing 2017

I have often used paper for making models in my creative process and I have found that it was hard to get the same look, when working with metal. I really liked the airy and poetic expression in the paper and I wanted to translate this into metal. I only achieved this by casting.

I have worked with different types of paper, before I found the best one for wax.  I achieved the look I wanted, of something fragile, but at the same time strong and sharp.

To me this is, one of the most fascinating things about casting; the diversity of what you can make, is almost endless. Especially when working with metal, where the materials have their own characteristics, casting expands these qualities and opens up for new possibilities. There is also a level of surprise, when you use the Sire Perdue technique, the models are enclosed and when you fish the model out of the water, it is almost like being a child again finding a treasure.


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